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Christ Church Street Shrine

During Jill's research, she had been in contact with Dick Lewis, the current vicar at Christ Church. Her research had generated considerable interest among the church members, and one of them, Doreen Foskett, offered this additional information:

As a lifelong member of Christ Church congregation I was very interested in the article about the Street Shrine. I can identify the sites of the four shrines. It is from St George’s Church that St George’s Road, on the opposite side of St Albans Road, gets its name.

Mr Chilton, who designed the shrine, lived at 120 Gammons Lane. I can just about remember him, an elderly, white haired gentleman who, being blind, carried a white stick. I imagine he went blind in later life.

My mother told me that she was in Mr Chilton's Bible Class. I may be wrong, but I believe that he was what in those days was called a "Lay Reader".

James Beach was the father of Madge Beach. In later life she became a server at Christ Church. It was her lifelong ambition, but when she was younger girls and women were not allowed to be servers.

Frederick Pulman lived at the top of Gammons Lane. I don't know much about him, but when I was a Guide there was a Jean Pulman in the Company, and I guess she was his grand-daughter.


Author: Doreen Foskett

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