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4 Mar 2013 — AGM results

Thanks to Trevor for his talk at this year's AGM. Entirely through his power of description, he had portrayed a picture of Victorian London 125 years ago and presented a discussion of the Jack the Ripper murders around the East End without the sensationalism that often accompanies this topic. It is quite clear that there had been a host of suspects put forward as the culprit during the period around the murders and in the years since, however these is not a concrete case against any of these individuals. Even for Aaron Kosminski, our local link and one of the prime suspects as the serial killer, there remain unanswered questions.

During the AGM itself, the committee for the year ahead was elected, with Glen, Sue Ahrens and Sue Carter being nominated for and re-elected to their current positions. Edna stood down from the extended committee due to family commitments, and we welcome Diana Ivory to the extended committee in her place. We would like to thank Edna for her enthusiam for the Group and its work over the past few years, particularly her role in co-ordinating research on schools and the time she has spend attending events with the Group. As a valued member of the Group, we hope that Edna is able to continue her participation at a level she is comfortable with.

A copy of the Chairman's report which was delivered during the AGM is now avaialble.

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