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24 Oct 2010 — Thanks and apologies from Glen

As the website maintainer, I am particularly aware that the purpose of this site is to provide information about North Watford History Group, and it isn't a personal noticeboard. Due to recent events, I have decided to break my self-imposed rule on this occasion, to offer thanks and apologies to those affected, but I will keep it brief.

Thanks to the active membership of the Group, who have given me space and support over recent months, during the illness and subsequent death of a member of my immediate family.

Apologies to users of this website, who haven't been aware of my circumstances, and have just seen the site frozen in time. Having gone through the periods of adjusting to a diagnosis of cancer, providing care, and suffering bereavement, I am now trying to restore normality to my life. This includes facing the challenging task of redefining what "normality" now is. As I return to this, I shall respond to e-mails received and the website will return to being updated; there are a number of articles awaiting publication, and these will appear here too.


[Added by Glen: 8:41am 24 Oct 2010]

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