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7 Mar 2010 — Visit 2 Willow Road for free

Readers of the article on Hille House may be interested to see some of Ernö Goldfinger's other work. One of the earliest examples is 2 Willow Road, Hampstead, which is now under the care of the National Trust.

For the weekend of 20/21 March, the National Trust is running its Bonus Time promotion, during which properties that would normally charge an admission are being opened to allow visitors to see them for free. Registration on the National Trust website is required to download and print a voucher that allows free admission. The voucher applies to National Trust properties that would normally be open over the weekend; please check the National Trust website for rules and exclusions.

As an added incentive, those wishing to join the National Trust will obtain two months free membership when paying by Direct Debit, if they hold a voucher and join at one of the participating properties during the weekend.

[Added by Glen: 1:49pm 7 Mar 2010]

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