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18 May 2009 — WW1 in North Watford: Christ Church Memorial

The final two articles, forming this week's series surrounding the impact of the two world wars on North Watford, focus on the memorial at Christ Church.

Like many towns, Watford contributed a share of men to the conflict in Europe that was the first world war. The horrors of this war experienced at the front meant few returned without physical or mental scars. Many did not return at all.

For those buried far away, in other countries, there needed to be a memorial closer to home. It was not practical to visit the graves, and a memorial provided a focus forgrieving family. More importantly, it served as a permanent reminder of the sacrifice given by those who fought to retain freedom in Europe.

One such memorial is in Christ Church, which was originally a street shrine, later being moved inside the church. This is investigated in Jill's article. During her research, Jill had spoken to people associated with church; one of whom has given her memories surrounding the memorial in one of the Recollections pages.

Despite the extensive research done by Jill, there are still some gaps in our knowledge. If you can help fill them, or indeed share you experiences about any other aspect of life in North Watford, why not come along to our Reminiscence Morning next Saturday, 23 May?

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