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14 Apr 2009 — New articles in the Recollections pages

Two articles have been added to the Recollections pages of the Local History section of the website.

The first of these is from Ian Scheer's notes relating the history of the Wells Brewery site. He had kindly provided us with these notes back in September, while we were producing the articles relating to Wells Brewery, Hille House and Hille Furniture Company. This contribution, from somebody so closely involved with the Hille businesses, was invaluable. It provided a source of information that would otherwise be unreachable, and we remain grateful for his interest in our work.

The second article is valuable in quite a different way: it gives a insight into society and domestic life during the inter-war years. The article itself is an extract from Bob Jones' memoirs, which he has published elsewhere. The details in his writing that bring the period into focus, reminding us of things that were familiar at the time, but are now personal or passed-on memories. We are thankful to Bob for having given his permission for this extract to appear here.

[Added by Glen: 10:37pm 14 Apr 2009]

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