North Watford History Group

24 Aug 2008 — goes live, the web-site for North Watford History Group is now live. This provides a public face for North Watford History Group, opening their activities and research to a wider audience.

The current focus for North Watford History Group, and the web-site is the Walking Tour, arranged to coincide with Heritage Open Days weekend on 11-14 September 2008. The tour provides an overview of of some of the places of interest in North Watford, covering an area close to Watford Junction station. The one hour tour gives participants a digestable impression of the development of the area during the 19th and 20th centuries.

All are welcome to attend, and full details can be found on the Events page. By coming along, particpants may discover a little about the area in which they live, work, or are visiting.

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