North Watford History Group

North Watford History Group Constitution

The aim of the Group shall be to:

  • To harbour a community spirit within the group in research and achieving knowledge of the History of North Watford.

The constitution guarantees that:

  • The Group must operate for the benefit of the community that it serves.
  • The Group and its officers will not profit from the monies that are deemed to belong to the Group.
  • All members within the Group are respected.
  • Equal opportunities and good relations amongst all members of the Group are upheld.
  • Members are regularly consulted and informed.
  • The Group will be non-political.
  • Membership within the community is promoted.

The Committee

  • A committee shall be elected to carry out the business of the Group.
  • The committee shall be made up of a chair, a secretary, a treasurer, and other members as the Group may decide.
  • The committee shall be elected at the AGM and shall have power to co-opt additional members when deemed necessary.
  • The committee shall meet at their discretion.
  • The work of the committee shall be reported at the next meeting of members of the Group.


  • The treasurer shall open a bank account in the name of the Group.
  • Cheque signatories will be nominated by the committee.
  • The accounts shall be made available to members at the AGM.
  • Annual audit to be carried out by two members of the Group.
  • In the event of dissolution of the group, any remaining money shall be donated to an organisation with compatible aims.


  • A copy of the constitution will be given to all members of the Group.
  • Membership fees shall be determined and reviewed at the AGM.
  • All monies and subscriptions raised on behalf of the group shall be applied in furtherance of the aims of the group.
  • The committee shall keep a record of members.
  • Voting membership of the group is open to all members over the age of 16.
  • Membership of the group will end when a member no longer wishes to be involved.
  • Membership can also be suspended or ended by two thirds majority vote of members at an AGM.
  • Any member whose membership is suspended shall be entitled to have suspension or termination reviewed by the committee of the Group.
  • Notification of suspension of a member must be given in writing to a member with a copy of the constitution.
  • Membership of the Group is open to all.

Annual General Meeting

  • There shall be an AGM held every year, on a date to be decided by the committee, during which a report on the work of the Group will be given, and also a statement of the accounts.
  • The Group will elect a new committee for the next year.
  • The Group shall vote on amendments to the constitution.
  • The date of the AGM will be advised to all members with no less than 28 days notice.

Changes to the constitution

  • The constitution may be altered at the AGM or at a special general meeting called for that purpose.
  • Any changes to the constitution must be handed to the Secretary no less than 28 days before an AGM or special meeting.
  • Changes to the constitution must be agreed by at least two thirds of the members present.
  • Proposals to dissolve the association shall take effect only if agreed by at least two thirds of the members present.

The constitution, as set out above, was approved for adoption by North Watford History Group during the 2009 AGM.

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